At the May 12 and June 9 meetings, you will have the opportunity to “show off”: if you have a flower in your garden that you would like to show all of us, please cut it and place it in a little vase, and bring it to the meeting. There will be no judging as in years past, but we do have a participation prize for all members who bring at least one flower at the May meeting. 

Because there is no judging, we cannot call this a “flower show”, so we thought of a parade: we can line up all our vases as if in line for a parade!

In June, to follow the suggestion from the folks who planned the Year of the Garden, we would like to see red flowers, but again, the parade can be multi-coloured… because we love all flowers!

A little tip: if you need a small vase, there are quite a few at Value Village.

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