Mark the following dates on your calendars. Details for members to join the upcoming meetings will be published in The Columbine newsletter:

  • Thursday November 11, 2021:  after our AGM business we have arranged for a speaker to bring some light-hearted entertainment. Catherine McGill will be ZOOMing from OHA District 6. Her talk is titled “Humour in the Garden”. Mother Nature must have been in flux with her moods when she made some of her plants and the names we gave them. Some are just plain silly and others amazing feats of brilliance that can dazzle us. Tune in to enjoy this fun time of neat blooms that can make you smile when you see them and say their names.
  • Thursday December 9, 2021:  We welcome Ben O’Brien, Landscape Architect, owner of Wild by Design in Prince Edward County.  His passion for plants and naturalistic planting design has led him all over England, the US and Europe. His Growing GRIT project is just one example of his forward thinking and design style.
  • Thursday January 20, 2022* – note this date is a week later than our usual 2nd Thursday. Catherine Kavassallis speaks about “Fabulous Ferns” She describes ferns as the quintessential plant: charming, elegant, graceful, delicate yet strong and adaptable. Come learn about weird and wonderful ferns from the desert to the Arctic. For your garden or home, there is a fabulous fern for you!
  • Thursday February 10, 2022: Rebecca Last’s timely talk is titled “Thugs, Bullies and Sneaks”. She offers a review of plants that have thuggish tendencies or other unfortunate outcomes when improperly  sited.

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