Raised Bed Gardening with Mabel Fuentes

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Members: watch for your April issue of The Columbine to register by April 7th.

Non-members: if you are interested in joining this zoom session, become a member. It’s only $20 to join, and there are many member benefits. Complete the Membership Form by April 7th.

On April 8th at 7 p.m. Mabel Fuentes will speak to us about growing plants in raised garden beds.  She will tell us how to construct them, where to place them for maximum benefit, and what to grow in them.  Mabel is a biochemist/biotechnologist who is completing her master’s degree at Queen’s University. Her speciality is molecular plant biology with an emphasis on invasive plant species. She also has an interest in agricultural studies. Mabel has been creating urban food gardens for more than twenty years and has tried several methods and techniques based on permaculture and biodynamic principles. She tells us that her expertise is growing food intensively in beds that can be adapted for any climate or weather pattern and no matter the type of soil. “There is always a way to grow delicious, safe food in the comfort of your home garden.”

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