Linked here is a flyer giving details of the day which promises to be a most enjoyable experience. Please look over the information. We will be going on a coach bus from McCoy Services. It is air conditioned and equipped with a washroom. Please be prepared for walking and the weather. Also, if you have special dietary needs you will have to plan for this yourself.  

Also linked is a waiver form that everyone who wants to go on the bus tour must sign. This is a requirement of the Ontario Horticultural Association. Print this off and bring the signed copy, along with $75.00 cash.
If there are not enough people to go by July 3, the trip will be cancelled and all money fully refunded.

There will be no other refunds.
The $75.00 covers the cost of the bus, all entrance fees, lunch, taxes and gratuities.Doris Power can be reached at to connect for payment.

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