Show Results: Joys of June

Adrian Cooper / Elizabeth Read83
Ann Levison22
David and Rebecca Kelly129
Denise Owsianicki12
Maureen Williams19
Nalini Stiemerling13
Suzanne Maranda6
Wanda Slawinski15

Show Results: May Days

Adrian Cooper / Elizabeth Read44
Alita Battey-Pratt1
Ann Levison11
David and Rebecca Kelly51
Jean Barna26
Joanne Minnion19
Maureen Williams16
Nalini Stiemerling7
Suzanne Maranda9
Wanda Slawinski2

Show Results: Elemental Spring

Point totals earned in the first show at the April meeting are as follows:

Adrian Cooper20
David & Rebecca Kelly15
Jean Barna8
Denise Owsianicki7
Nalini Stiemerling5
Jessica Campbell4