Gardening Kingston submitted a proclamation request in January 2022, and the Year of the Garden was proclaimed by City Council at the February Council meeting.

The Canadian Gardening Council announced that the National Garden Week would be June 12-18, 2022.

Gardening Kingston organized three events that week and invited members of the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI) to join us:

  1. Sunday, June 12: the public was invited to the Pollinator Garden on the grounds behind the Memorial Centre. This was also a market day, so we worked with the market organizers to include publicity in their notices, we distributed paper invitations in the morning, and we added signage to come to the garden, where we had gardeners and seed experts to answer questions and show the garden. Although we did not keep track of numbers, we estimate that about 40 people attended, and we had numerous conversations about gardening and seeds, and we gave seedlings and packages of seeds.
  • Friday, June 17:  Terrence Radford was invited to present and explain the Manidoo Spirit Garden at Lake Ontario Park. Mr. Radford was involved in the design and creation of the garden, and he gave a very interesting talk to about 15 people, members of Gardening Kingston and of KASSI.
  • Saturday, June 18: the public was invited to Roden Park, where Gardening Kingston maintains another garden, this one is a rock garden named after William Paterson, an avid gardener and previous president of our society. Again, we had gardeners on hand as well as members of KASSI to promote local and organic seeds. About 20 people attended.

We installed a Little Seed Library at each of our gardens to encourage everyone to plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables. In the long term, we are hoping that people will also learn to save seeds and give back to the little libraries. 

We recently installed a Little Gardening Book and Seed Library at the Lakeside Community Garden in August 2022.

At the request of the Year of the Garden organizers we encouraged everyone to “plant red” and we also sent that notice to local nurseries to make sure there would be enough red plants for purchase. 

We nominated one of our long-time members to be our Garden Hero. Maureen Williams is named with all the nominated heroes here. Her nomination citation reads:

“Maureen has been a member of KHS since 1999. She started to serve on the Board of Directors in 2008 and became president in 2009. She led and participated in many projects over the years, the most important of which is the Pollinator Garden on a city property. This entailed negotiations with the city, grant applications, design of the garden, planting, and on-going maintenance, including coordination of volunteers. She has offered talks and workshops and she received many service awards.”