Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Ongwanada Resource Centre, 191 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston

Speaker:  Marty Mayberry

Title:  Prolonging the Health, Vitality and Vigour of Your Trees for Safer City Streets

Marty Mayberry, Supervisor Public Works Forestry for the City of Kingston will speak on ”Prolonging the Health, Vitality and Vigour of Your Trees for Safer City Streets”. Perhaps you are thinking of planting a tree on your property or about taking one down. Maybe you’re concerned about a neighbour’s tree or about one on your property line. Perhaps there is a dangerous tree situated on municipal property that you are concerned about.  Join us on December 12th to learn more about Kingston’s Forest Management Plan, Community Orchard and Edible Forest Policy with the revised Tree Bylaw. Marty will tell us about the current status of Kingston’s urban canopy and the effects that the Emerald Ash Borer has had on it. He will also touch on the planting of new trees and mature tree retention. Marty is a graduate of the Sir Sandford Fleming College of Forestry Programme in 2004. He has worked in urban forestry since 2006 and, prior to that, he was in the logging business. He achieved the Utility Arborist certification in 2009 and the International Arborist Association certification in 2010. He has worked in the private sector, utility sector and now municipal sector since 2017.


Visitors and prospective members are always welcome. There is no charge for members of the Kingston Horticultural Society or other garden clubs. For others, entry is $3.00. KHS and garden club members should please show their membership card when coming to meetings. 


Ongwanada Resource Centre, 191 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston. The entrance to Ongwanada is on Portsmouth Ave, just south of Johnson St. It is immediately past the Health Unit on the left when going south. Park at the end of the driveway. The building is forward from the end of the drive. [There is more parking to the left.] 

There are bus stops on Portsmouth near Ongwanada for evening route E12.